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Support a student

Youth unemployment has been a key challenge on the African continent for decades with a youth population growing fast and struggling with lack of skills, giving way to a generation of lost potential. This has accelerated with the COVID pandemic, increasing the vulnerability of youth, especially Women.  


We've seen a drastic increase of youth that apply for our programs and are not able to afford the training due to long periods of unemployment in their family. For most of those, finding a dignified work opportunity is not just about them, it's about supporting their whole family. 

At Yusudi, we don't just train youth, we match them with job opportunities and keep coaching them on the job until they succeed, they then also join our sales community, with lifelong support such as mentorship, job access and learning events. 


We partner with organisations that provide dignified employment which means a minimum pay of $300 per month on their probation and a supportive culture. We also help them negotiate a higher salary at the end of their probation.

In the past five years we've trained over 5,000 youth through our program and seen over 100% income increase withint 6 months of graduating. That's the tip of the iceberg, we've seen their income support the education of their siblings, grow their confidence and their ability to make plans for the future. 

How can you help?

We want to increase our reach and accept more youth in our program that have no financial capacity to pay. To do so we are putting together a support fund that can be provided on a case by case basis to applicants. Here are the various ways in which you can support: 




Other amount

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