About CropCare Technologies

CropCare Technologies Ltd was incorporated in 2011 to create strong linkages between actors within the food value chain in Kenya. They provide consultancy services covering agribusiness advice and planning, agronomy training (design and delivery), group facilitation, feasibility studies, marketing, and funding for sustainable production. With an assembled team of skilled experts and the right resources, they create the necessary linkages for a sustainable seed-to-shelf framework.

In the new year, in response to the COVID pandemic, the company made a shift to ensure that they are supporting the over 5000 farmers they work with a steady market for their produce.

About the role

They are looking for a sales development representative in Nairobi to help them drive produce sales by partnering with local businesses and institutions so that they can  realize their mission to help farmers in Kenya gain market for their produce, reduce food waste and in a way contribute towards sustainable food security.


The role is contractual, renewable after 1 year.

What you will be doing

You will be reaching out and visiting potential clients (grocery store outlets, institutions, individual vegetable vendors in local markets e.t.c) with an aim of getting contracts to supply the produce from the farmer’s CropCare serves. This you will achieve by understanding the needs of the customers through building great relationships with them, and ensuring that their produce is delivered as specified.


You will also conduct market research and share market insights with the CropCare team to re-target and improve their sales cycle.

What you need to succeed

  • Genuine interest and experience working as a salesperson in the agribusiness industry for at least 2-3 years.

  • Ability to supervise one or two employees under you.

  • Excited to create strategies and processes to support the sales process at CropCare.

  • The ability to flexibly work to meet clients’ needs.

  • The ability to negotiate and influence decision makers through building strong relationships and offering reliable customer service.

  • Proactive mindset in getting your work done and in collaborating with your teammates.

  • Excited about learning opportunities.

  • Happy to grow with the project and see it succeed.