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Take the next step in your career. Invest in the skills to start your business or first job 

Jijali is a fully-funded program that provides practical and personalized learning. We commit to growing your skills through online content, practical tasks and mentorship. Throughout the program, you build a community of like-minded learners. We ensure that you are set up for success in the 21st-century labour market. The program will run from September to November 2019. There are two modules: Entrepreneurship and Career Start.

Module choices

In the Career Start training module, we will train you how:


  • To search for jobs online and through building networks.

  • To make yourself stand out to employers through interview and CV writing skills.

  • To grow competitive skillsets that employers are looking for.

  • To sell your unique skills and experiences.

  • To have the attitudes and mindsets to grow fast in your career.


Career Start

Jijali is our online program. It is perfect for you if you want more flexibility in your learning if you want us to build a course that is tailored to your skill gaps whether you want to start your company or start your career. You get to have your own customised course and a virtual coach that helps you through your growth. It is currently a fully funded program.




Grace Mugambi

Yusudi is NITA certified and has trainers with expertise in behavioral change and business skills training.


Linda Chepkemoi

Lorna Kanyuga

Monica Kubai






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Have an interview coming up? Sign up for a 15min phone coaching session to improve your interview skills, free of charge!

Hasky Njeri

January 2018 Trainee

Administrative Assistant,  Mandevu Beard Care

"I got to first and foremost establish a learning and a growth mindset which prepared me to expect the unexpected and be able to respond effectively. I got to be more self aware, open-minded, was able to boost my confidence and self management. Also it sharpened my communication, interview, negotiation, entrepreneurship, networking, teamwork, organisation and design skills. I am well capable of creating a career plan and follow through it till each and every one of them is achieved. It molded me to be an all round woman."