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We provide you with proven sales talent

So that you can focus on growing your business

We help you fix the challenge of hiring and retaining sales professionals through our 200+ hours of rigorous expert-led sales training, coaching and practice. You get to hire sales representatives at an affordable cost with practised skills in qualifying, prospecting, and selling from week 1. We are simply your selling partners! Drop us a message to discuss our ready pipeline of sales graduates for your sales roles. 










Average sale made


Per trainee

What do you get when you hire a Yusudi graduate?


Our candidates go through an intensive practical sales and soft skills training. By the end of the 6 week training, they each have done more than 300  calls for external partners. They have used CRM's, written cold emails , practised lead management and closed deals.

Throughout the program, our candidates are equipped with 4 core transferable skills that make the stand out amongst their peers. These skills are boldness, resilience, the ability to have impactful communication and the ability to build meaningful connections.



Why Should You Hire From Us?

We are the only company in Kenya providing you with trained sales talent. We understand the struggle for businesses to hit sales targets. This is why designed a highly practical and intense sales training to help you meet your revenue goals.  

We have designed a talent matching algorithm that takes into account the culture-fit and role-fit of a candidate to a particular role and we are committed to growing the candidate through monthly coaching and check-ins.

Our services are affordable. You only pay the recruitment fee after the 6 month probation once you choose to hire the candidate. During the candidate's probation, you pay a monthly stipend to cater for their transport and the cost of the sales training. 

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Rhoda Omenya

Project Coordinator, Innovate Counties Challenge Project

Youth Unit - UN Habitat

We couldn’t have picked a more appropriate organization to work with than Yusudi. They have a deliberate but yet personal manner in which they handled the youth during the bootcamp that expressed their desire to not just check off items from the training program but to ensure each participant understood, took time to reflect and provide feedback or pose for clarification. They understand why it is important to impart these skills to the youth and how it has the potential of positively affecting them thus this team culture of purpose was expressed and maintained throughout the two days of the bootcamp.

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