We provide you with recruitment or sales outsourcing services

So that you can focus on growing your business

We help you fix the challenge of working with sales professionals by doing it for you. Thanks to our advanced recruitment and selection process, you get to work with sales representatives with practical skills in qualifying, prospecting and lead management that they have learnt in our 200+ hours of rigorous expert-led sales training, coaching and practice.


We listen to you and analyze your business needs and offer you other sales services such as Market Research, Prospecting, Lead generation or End-to-end Sales. Put it simply, we are your selling partners! Give us a call and we can discuss how to grow your business through our tailor-made sales services.










Average sale made

per trainee/month


We provide you with sales recruitment or outsourcing services 

Do you want to hire world-class sales talent? We can recruit your sales staff, whether for entry-level or high-level positions. A complete team of young and eager sales talent; or the best and most experienced sales-negotiator in Kenya




Do you want us to grow your revenues? 

We can do your market research, find you prospects, bring you leads and close your deals. Let us focus on growing your revenue, with our expert talent so you can work on your business.

Why should you partner with us for your Sales needs?

We are the only company in Kenya providing you with trained sales talent. We understand the struggle for businesses to hit sales targets. This is why designed a highly practical and intense sales training to help you meet your revenue goals.  

We have worked with over 300 SMEs in Kenya in the past by providing a customized approach to their sales process. We have acquired a keen eye for sales in various industries and are ready to help you transform your sales curve.


Purity Muthoni

Sales Manager

Takataka Solutions

"We got hear about Yusudi at a networking event through a referral who linked us to Yusudi’s Managing Director. We weren’t taking interns prior but when a need arose to increase sales in getting more clients, we opted to try out if having an intern would help. I’m happy that I don’t have to train the intern on using tools such as google sheets which we use a lot. Normally, I have to proofread emails before sending but with Vera the intern, there has been no need to do so because her email communication has great so far. The intern has also shown proactivity like pursuing a lead during a public holiday which got us a contract signed.​"


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