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Jijali: your fully funded income growth partner.

With over 400 graduates, we have seen an average income increase of 60% within three months of graduation

Jijali is a virtual training and mentorship program that will enable you to find your first job or start your own business. Our fully-funded program is accepting applications until December 2020 . Through online content, virtual mentorship and practical tasks you will get to learn about one of the two topics below:

Start or Improve your Business

In the Entrepreneurship training module, you will get the tools and knowledge to take your idea and make it a real business.

You will learn how to ensure it is a product/service that people want, how to make it sustainable and build the steps to start creating it.

If you already have a business, you will learn how to solve problems within your business, how to manage different aspects such as sales and finances, and how to plan for the future.

Get into employment

In the Work Readiness training module, we will train you on how to grow competitive skill sets that employers are looking for that will make you stand out.


You will learn more about the skills that you need for your career and how to build them; how to make yourself stand out to employers through interview and CV writing skills; how to search for jobs and how to start your career on the right track.

What does it include?
Online Content

We provide content that is relevant and easy to understand: short videos that introduce the key points of the topic followed by comprehensive reading materials with additional external resources.

Practical Tasks

For each topic, we will provide practical and relevant tasks to enable trainees to apply what they have learned in real-life situations. The practical tasks challenge learners to get out of their comfort zones and build new skills. 

Virtual Mentorship

​You will get a mentor allocated to you that will help you grow and work on any areas that are important for you. The mentors will provide feedback on submitted field tasks, challenge you to think bigger and will be a source of advice, motivation, and inspiration

Applicants interested in the program must:

  • Be 18 to 30 years for the entrepreneurship training

  • Be 18 to 25 years for the career start training

  • Have access to the internet

  • Have access to a computer

  • At least have a high school certificate

  • Have a good command of English (the training is delivered in English)

  • Career start participants should have little or no work experience

  • Entrepreneurship participants should have an existing early-stage business OR a strong business idea

Who is eligible?
What do previous participants say?

"I joined Jijali to push myself and make myself go the extra mile. I also wanted to view business from a different perspective. My mentor was really helpful and encouraging. Since taking the training, I have been able to perform a financial analysis of my business as well as projections. Getting out of my comfort zone has been really fun."

Saisi S

"I am grateful for the opportunity to go through the program. It was enlightening and impactful. I have been able to apply the concepts and ideas I learned and they have borne fruits.

I have received 2 job offers and I am left with the decision concerning where I want to be.

Keep up the good work!

Doris N

What are Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the program costs?

​The program is fully funded. The learning platform, online content and mentors are provided with the support of our partners. The only ‘cost’ on your part will be time and effort.


2. Do you provide funding for businesses?

​No, we do not provide funding at the moment. Our focus is to build the skills that entrepreneurs will need to develop and run successful businesses.

3. Do you provide internship placement services?

No, the Jijali program does not include internship placement. However, through our Skills2Grow program, Yusudi offers training and paid internship placement at a fee. You can find out more about Skills2Grow here:


4. Are certificates provided at the end of the program?

Yes. However, that is dependent on the trainee progress in the program. This will be explained in detail later on.


5. I prefer to meet my mentor in-person instead of having a virtual meeting. Is this possible?

Currently, our mentorship is virtual and will be conducted over the phone.


6. Can I do both career and entrepreneurship modules at the same time?

At the moment, we recommend that trainees focus on one module at a time because the content can be quite intense. However, if you would like to do another module in the future, you are still welcome to apply again for future Jijali programs.


7. I am not in Nairobi. Can I still participate in the program?

Yes! Jijali is open to applicants from all over Kenya as long as they meet program requirements.

8. How will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

We will send an email to successful applicants within two weeks of their application. If you do not hear from us within two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful.

9. How many people have gone through the training so far?

Since 2018, we have had over 400 youth trained through Jijali.

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