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Do You Need Help Building Your Personal Brand?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Building a personal brand will help you in this competitive labour market. Opportunity will find you, Jobs will find you.

When evaluating candidates, hiring managers and recruiters look at stuff you have out there. Let's consider a real-life scenario between two candidates

Candidate A and Candidate B are equally impressive from their resume and qualifications.

One of them tweets often about industry trends, creates content on LinkedIn, actively participates in social media discussions, and attends meetups relevant to personal and career growth

The other candidate simply doesn't do all these. Who would you hire? What will inform that decision? What is the tiebreaker in this situation? It goes without saying that the first candidate stands a better chance. For obvious reasons

I understand life dictates available time, and others have more. However, this is how a lot of it works now.

Please go and meet people, help people, create something, be noticed, stand out. Opportunities will find you.

Do you need help building your personal brand? Yusudi Sales Academy is here for you!

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