How entrepreneurship and mentorship gives you a new competitive edge in the Kenyan job market

There is an old saying that states; the richer will always get richer, and their future generations even richer. Well I just made this up (kinda), but the fact that you did not think twice about it proves how true this statement is. This is true in most cases; however, there are many reasons for this outcome. One of the biggest reasons is that successful people already know the formula for success and pass it onto their children.

The parents may not even know that they are influencing their children’s decisions, but they do. The children see how hard the parents work, their decisions, and what ventures they focus on. Inevitably most children pick career paths very close to their parents. In all essence, these parents are their children’s mentors.

Take Keroche breweries, for instance. Tabitha Karanja, the CEO of the company and mother of Anerlisa Muigai, created a company from nothing. It took her very many years for Keroche to become a household name. However, her daughter Anerlisa Muigai established her water company much faster and more efficiently. Of course, there are many reasons for this, but you can tell that she learned quite a bit about business from her mother from many of her interviews. Her mother was her mentor, even if they both did not realize this.

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However, we are not all so lucky as to come from homes with successful entrepreneurs. Many of us had to find our way, which can be extremely difficult. You will make many mistakes, not know what to do or who to turn to when you make an error. In the end, a problem that you would have solved quickly with advice from a mentor may lead to more problems.

What does a mentor actually do?

The main purpose of a mentor is to pass knowledge, expertise, and first-hand experiences to their protege. They may have had similar experiences as you in the past, or you may be pursuing a similar career path to them. But a good mentor understands the hardships of becoming an entrepreneur and is ready to offer their expertise.

But having a mentor may not be enough; you still need your knowledge and experience to capitalize on the advice given fully. That is why Jijali offers both Mentorship and entrepreneurial courses. This way, you are fully equipped for whichever career path you decide to pursue.

What are the characteristics of a good mentor?

If you watch any sport, you will notice that the coach is often a former player of the game. Very rarely will you find a coach who has never played the game. How would they know what to do? What plays to make? How will the players have confidence in someone who has never played the sport?

Coaching and mentorship work the same way. It is important to find a mentor who has experience in the field you want to pursue. Like coaching, mentorship involves guidance, giving you advice, and showing you the direction to follow. Like coaching, there are different styles of mentorship.

Some mentors are more reserved and calmer, while others are animated and enthusiastic about everything. You first need to understand what type of motivation works for you before selecting a mentor. Reach out to Jijali, and we will connect you with a mentor that suits you best.

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Let’s focus on your growth

A good mentor will focus on your goals. We have all different goals in life. However, many Kenyan youths do not know how to streamline their ambitions properly. This is where a Mentor comes in. They are not meant to change your goals, but they may suggest a better approach to ensure you succeed. A good mentor will also have connections in the field you are interested in; this comes with interacting with many people related to the same profession.

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