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Thank you for showing interest in working with us. At Yusudi we take the time to understand your sales challenges and give you a smooth experience with a personal touch. We have summarised all the services offered below to help you find exactly what you need.

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Yusudi Placement

If you are looking for interns that are well equipped with sales skills, then you are in the right place. Our trainees have undergone a 6 weeks vigorous training on sales.


Sales outsourcing

If you are starting out or even want to expand your company to have a sales team that is without restructuring, you should try outsourcing the sales process to us.


Sales insourcing

Looking into boosting your sales or generating leads quickly for your team? We have a team ready to prospect over 1000 companies for you. It is also a marketing strategy.



Yusudi was started in 2016 and over the years we have been able to amass a large pool of salespersons from all positions. This is from entry-level to senior positions.


Market Research

For insights on the market for that new product or service you are about to launch, we conduct live survey calls to over 100 companies so that you geat insight in real-time.


Sales consulting and training

Get your current sales team a level higher with our training. Incase you have doubts about their direction, you can consult our team.

"We got hear about Yusudi at a networking event through a referral who linked us to Yusudi’s Managing Director. We weren’t taking interns prior but when a need arose to increase sales in getting more clients, we opted to try out if having an intern would help. I’m happy that I don’t have to train the intern on using tools such as google sheets which we use a lot. Normally, I have to proofread emails before sending but with Vera the intern, there has been no need to do so because her email communication has great so far. The intern has also shown proactivity like pursuing a lead during a public holiday which got us a contract signed.​"

Purity Muthoni

Sales Manager, Takataka Solutions