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So that you can create change in the world

Yusudi's youth programs are created to help you build the skills you need to build a successful career. Our team is made of people that know what it's like to struggle to find work, to feel afraid to start that company they've been dreaming of, to be confused about their mission in life. They've been through that. We have trainers, coaches, mentors that know what you are going through not because they've heard about it but because a few years ago they were in your shoes, and they got themselves out of it. So will you.

Our programs


Skills2Grow is our in-person program, made for you if you want to immerse yourself full time into your learning and growth and if you know what you want is to have an entry level job but are flexible to work in Sales or Marketing for the first few months after finishing the program. It includes a paid internship placement at one of our esteemed partner companies. 

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Jijali is our online program. It is perfect for you if you want more flexibility in your learning if you want us to build a course that is tailored to your skill gaps whether you want to start your company or start your career. You get to have your own customised course and a virtual coach that helps you through your growth. It is currently a fully funded program.


Grace is the Lead trainer at Yusudi. Besides the Skills2Grow program, she also trains at Akira Chix and at the Jijali Program. She is a trained classical singer and performs when she is not training! After trying out the law profession, Grace discovered that training is her cup of tea. Her key strengths are her flawless delivery and perfect team coordination skills.

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Lorna is a rocking trainer who specializes in role play techniques and conducts specialized entrepreneurship training workshops. She just leaves her trainees awestruck by her innovative methods of training and creative role plays. She is currently the project manager for the Jijali entrepreneurship and career development program. 

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Yusudi is NITA certified and has trainers with expertise in behavioral change and business skills training.


Monica is a conscientious, introspective and reserved individual who comes to life around people. She is passionate about bringing the best out of people and will go out of her way to support and encourage them to be the truest and best versions of themselves.

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Hasky Njeri

January 2018 Trainee

Administrative Assistant,  Mandevu Beard Care

"I got to first and foremost establish a learning and a growth mindset which prepared me to expect the unexpected and be able to respond effectively. I got to be more self aware, open-minded, was able to boost my confidence and self management. Also it sharpened my communication, interview, negotiation, entrepreneurship, networking, teamwork, organisation and design skills. I am well capable of creating a career plan and follow through it till each and every one of them is achieved. It molded me to be an all round woman."