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Did you know that Tabitha KaranjaManu Chandaria and Kendi Nderitu started off their careers in Sales? Part of their success is attributed to the foundation that their experience in sales laid for them.

At Yusudi, 87% of our trainees found full-time jobs after graduating from our sales academy.

This could be you too!


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In every aspect of your life, being great at sales will always give you an edge. Sales is simply a part of everyday life. From sharing an idea with a friend to parenting a child to negotiating for a promotion at the workplace, selling is involved. You can develop the skill of effective selling through proper training, practice and coaching. This is what Yusudi offers you.

Why should I choose Yusudi?

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Proven reputation

We are the go to expert for hiring in the country, from entry-level roles to senior roles in Business Sales. Graduates from our programs work in our partner companies such as BRCK, Amitruck and Umoja Rubbers.

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Quality training

The quality of our training gives you skills of modern-day sales that no other institution can offer you - from capitalising on technologies such as LinkedIn, Snovio, CRMs to solution based selling.

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Partner for life

Our brand promise is that we can find you work from the day you graduate from our programs until the day you retire with lifelong learning through webinars, events and active communities. We are a partner for life.

Our Programs

Yusudi Sales Academy

The Yusudi Sales Academy (YSA) is an intensive 8 month Sales Training and Job Placement Program. We equip you with the most in-demand skill in the market today, Business Sales. After you graduate, we help you access the jobs that don’t get advertised, learn the inside scoop on different companies, and maximize your success in every job opportunity and salary negotiation. 

Here's a glimpse of what you will learn in the Academy:

Who is this program suited for?

  • College and University graduates

  • Youth with up to 6 months of sales experience

  • Youth with a keen interest to start a career in business sales


"Training at Yusudi was fun and enjoyable training with different people. Experiencing online learning was a blast learning how to submit assignments, communicating and presenting. The teachers are polite and understanding and understanding and professional at what they do. CV creation, calling prospects, business writing skills, emotional intelligence and sending emails has really improved my potential as a job seeker. Practising these tasks will make one perfect."

Samuel Wainaina Kimaru
Yusudi Sales Academy Graduate

Yusudi Sales Community

We created the first Africa Sales community to spearhead growth and community in sales in Africa.


Join a sales movement where Africa's top sales talent and future sales leaders connect and collaborate to solve problems, create innovative solutions and grow their careers along the way.

In this community, you will mentor and get mentored, network and learn from the latest skills to succeed in sales 


"The community has given me an opportunity to network and learn from great talent in sales in Africa. I have been able to interact with great concepts such as diversity in sales to great insight into Interdisciplinary relations in the sales industry."

Elizabeth Amwamu
Yusudi Sales Community Member

Sales Management Accelerator

Studies show that 73% of sales managers don’t get the training they need to coach a high-performing sales team. So, even though they may have been great sales reps, they never learned how to become high-impact sales managers.


Give your frontline sales managers a complete framework, essential skills, and practical tools they need to build, coach, and lead high-performing sales teams through this workshop.

Who is this suited for?

  • Sales Managers

  • Sales Reps who want to apply for a managerial position in the next 6 months

  • Sales Consultants

  • CEOs and Founders who want to build high-performing revenue generation teams


Are you an employer that wants
to grow its sales revenue?

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