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We are a community of global sales talent committed to learning, growing ourselves and the companies we work for.

We see sales as an exciting opportunity to make and want the world to start seeing that too

Mentorship and networks are key pillars in career growth. The goal of the Africa Sales Community is to use those pillars to be a catalyst in your career. We want you to become the sales leaders taking the continent to the next level.

What does the community offer?

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World Class locally relevant growth content

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A lifelong network of sales leaders and shapers

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Access to sales jobs that aren't advertised

How do I join the community?


Register yourself below to show your interest. Our team will confirm that you are a right fit and let you know.


Based on your profile such as industry interest, gender, a seniority, you will be invited to various community spaces. 


Join the virtual community space on our portal where you can see all the opportunities available to you and connect with others.


Attend events, mentorship session, masterclasses provided by the community and see your career blooming.

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