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More Than a Skill, It's Your Future

 Imagine learning to sell – not just products and services, but yourself, your ideas, your dreams?

Here's the secret: nearly every job involves sales, even if you don't realize it . Think about that interview question - tell me about yourself.  Sales is where the magic happens. The moment you embrace the art of selling, doors swing open, opportunities flood in, and your world transforms.

At Yusudi, we're rewriting the script. Sales isn't just about peddling products; it's about persuasion, connection, and empowerment.

Ready to kick start your career in sales?

The training consists of B2B technical sales skills, work readiness skills, and a sales project to ensure the learning is practical and experiential.


Individual coaching

We don't just give you theories, we go over and above to ensure our trainees get individualized attention in the form of individual coaching, which covers the critical training aspects like, sales skill coaching, mock interview coaching and CV writing coaching


Insourcing Project 

We partner with actual companies to provide you with hands-on experience to practice what you learn during training. This gives you an opportunity to interact with sales tools like the CRM and digital prospecting tools.


Workplace Skills

We understand the current work environment and dynamics and we equip you with additional skills that will help you navigate the work environment with ease while standing out for success. Networking, emotional intelligence, personal branding  and work ethic are aspects of the program you can expect to benefit from. 

Not sure about your career path?

Feeling like a ship without a compass in the vast sea of career choices?

Join our early career clinics and discover Your Potential Beyond Your Degree/Diploma

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