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What will you get if you successfully complete the Yusudi Sales Academy?

  • A paying permanent job opportunity

  • A career partner for life. Yusudi stays in touch with you and if you want to change jobs, helps place you in a more senior position.

  • A network of like-minded, driven individuals that can shape the rest of your career

  • Knowledge of sales software (CRMs, email tracking, prospect finding), and techniques (Decision intelligence selling, relationship fostering) that no other entry-level talents in this market knows

  • A CV that stands out and outstanding interview skills

  • Access to our Sales Africa community including our Women in Sales community for lifelong mentorship, learning and career opportunities

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Where do some of our program Alumni work now?


What does the program cost?

Program Duration: 8 months

Total Cost: 39,500KES
incl of Taxes

This fee guarantees you of:

  • Training

  • Placement 

  • Coaching


Split into

This fee is paid upfront after admission.

The balance is payable within the first six weeks after admission.

​​Not sure if sales is the right career choice? Come join  us and if within the first week you are not happy for whatever reason, we shall refund you in full.

*Placement salary within most of our partner companies range from 30,000 - 35,000 per month excluding commissions.*

What we will Offer:

We love to see you succeed!

First installement

Final Balance




Not yet sure if it's right for you? Join one of our awareness sessions

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Here's what success looks like with Yusudi


Yusudi Graduate

"Yusudi for me was a fresh start. It was the challenge I needed. My life was in loop, sleep, babysit, watch, Intentionally forget to think (LOL). Yusudi broadened my social and professional horizon."



"When I joined the program I was a reserved person who rarely sorts after opportunities. During the training, the practical lessons gave me a different perspective of approaching things. The insourcing project gave me a first-hand experience on Sales."



"I enjoyed learning from experts about how to tailor my CV to the needs of the employer and pay attention to keywords and how to ace interviews. We also practically learnt how to sell to clients. This helped me understand how to stand out in the market."

How do I get started?


Apply today.
Fill in our application form and we will be in touch with you in the next 48 hours.


Online Assessment Interview. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a group assessment.


Sign the contract.
Successful assessees will be invited to e-sign the contract. Here, you will pay only Kshs. 2,000 to secure your spot in the training. The rest of the training fees are paid once you join the training.


Start your classes.
Join the Business Sales program virtually from the comfort of your home and witness your professional career bloom right before your screen.


Yusudi Training Program Graduate

"Yusudi has helped me develop into a well-rounded, dynamic individual. The crucial skills gained during this training have entirely transformed my way of doing things and my work ethic. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I look forward to better things from Yusudi."

Why should I choose Yusudi?

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World-class sales training

Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 12.38.51.png

A lifelong network

Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 12.38.59.png

A recognized


You don’t have to remain in the cycle of unemployment, lacking practical skills, or not getting that call back after countless interviews.

Take your power back and embrace the next step of your career through the Yusudi Sales Academy.

This is why we created the Business Sales Training Program. By training you in Business to Business Sales (B2B Sales), we give you the opportunity to break into the world of work in one of the most high growth, high income potential departments. You’ll get the skills, the job, the network and the coaching support to launch and grow a successful career. We focus on developing you regardless of your previous experience or education background.

Why Business Sales?

Sales is ranked as the most in-demand job in Kenya today. The resilient, bold and zealous individuals thrive in this career and end up becoming the next leaders in the private sector.
We want that to be you.

We will train you in transferable skills such as negotiation, problem-solving, personal branding, pitching and communication.

You will apply these skills in your personal and professional sales process, as you engage with clients across various industries and as you close deals.

We train you in Business Sales because we know the foundation it will lay for the rest of your career is absolutely unmatched. Check out these Kenyan CEOs who started off in Sales.

How do we do it?


You will have the opportunity to earn as you learn with Yusudi from your 6th week of training.

After successfully completing the training, you will then be matched to one of our employer partners for a 6-month paid probation in Business Sales with the opportunity to become a full-time Sales Development Representative (SDR) after your probation.


Our training is highly practical.

After 3 weeks of intensive sales foundation training, you will take on a Business Sales Project where you will work with actual clients to generate leads and sales for them.

By the end of the training you will:

  • Understand that business sales is all about
    fostering relationships and problem-solving

  • Be able to apply Yusudi’s unique approach of Decision Intelligence (DQ) Selling to your sales process

  • Discover how to articulate your value proposition effectively and the art of persuasion in Business Sales

  • Be able to develop your personal brand and set yourself apart during interviews

  • Learn how to set goals effectively and manage your resources towards achieving them

  • Be a part of a rich, diverse and vibrant alumni community of like-minded individuals to network and grow with professionally


87% of our graduates have found full-time jobs after our program.

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