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Argwings Kodhek Groove

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The meaning

"Y" stands for Youth, and "Kusudi" stands for Purpose (in Swahili). We believe that finding a personal purpose is what moves today's youth for self-motivation, learning and development.

Our Values

Our Vision

A prosperous society through enabling holistic, creative education unique to every individual. At Yusudi, we envision a world where every young person has an opportunity to develop and apply their best talents for self-fulfilment and common wealth. 

Our Team

What makes us unique is our determination to learn, to keep growing and to help others on the way. We are humbly ambitious, we have courage, and want to share that with the world.

Charlotte De Ridder
Managing Director
Nastia Gutsol
Program Director
Stanley Kamau
Lead Trainer
Debra Njoroge
Business Development Lead
Lorna Kanyuga
Project Manager, Jijali 
Ivy Njeri
Marketing Lead