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Who we are

We are a sales enablement community committed to changing the narrative of sales as a career and how sales teams are managed.

We do this by:

  • Providing a platform connecting the youth looking to explore and build careers in sales with businesses committed to building and developing their sales teams for success.

  • Helping organizations run effective and productive sales teams.

How we help

Yusudi Sales Academy
Yusudi Sales Recruitment
Yusudi Sales Team Development

Starting in sales may seem daunting at first, that’s why Yusudi is here to offer the technical support you need to help you succeed. 

Leverage the market knowledge and experience of our sales recruiters to get you the best talent. Select entry level talent from the sales academy or more seasoned talent from the market.

Scale your sales development programs with our trainers whilst leveraging our tech platform and coaching network.

Yusudi Sales Academy

Sales Team Recruitment

Sales Team Development

Sales Manager Accelerator Program

Studies show that 73% of sales managers don’t get the training they need to coach a high-performing sales team. So, even though they may have been great sales reps, they never learned how to become high-impact sales managers.

Give your frontline sales managers a complete framework, essential skills, and practical tools they need to build, coach, and lead high-performing sales teams through this workshop.

Who is this suited for?

  • Sales Managers

  • Sales Reps who want to apply for a managerial position in the next 6 months

  • Sales Consultants

  • CEOs and Founders who want to build high-performing revenue generation teams

Yusudi Sales Community

We created the first Africa Sales community to spearhead growth and community in sales in Africa.


Join a sales movement where Africa's top sales talent and future sales leaders connect and collaborate to solve problems, create innovative solutions and grow their careers along the way.

In this community, you will mentor and get mentored, network and learn from the latest skills to succeed in sales 

Happy Youths

Are you an employer that wants to grow its sales revenue?

See here how you can partner with us.

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