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Amplify your sales by building high performing sales teams

Finding, hiring and retaining Sales Professionals is hard, even for the best managers.

It is a process that takes a lot of time, which is taken from other activities such as managing the company or doing sales yourself.

You lose 50 to 75 percent of the annual salary when hiring the wrong sales talent. That’s about 1,800,000 per year for a mid-level sales executive.

When you merely settle for “average sales talent”, you risk the opportunity to grow your business and take advantage of new markets; which could be detrimental to your bottom-line, or even worse, to the relationship with your trusted clients. The amount of time, money and resources you spend when you hire wrong is truly not worth it.


What if you knew that you had the best Sales talent available? Every minute you spend in coaching, training and managing them will give you exponential returns?

We have that kind of talent, waiting to work with you.

How can you partner with Yusudi?

We have two models which you can choose to partner with us.

Sales Recruitment

We specialize in sales talent that excels. We have been growing a database of the best sales talent on the African continent just for you.


From entry-level hires that graduate from our world-class sales training to senior-level talent that join our sales workshops and webinars, we aren't just any recruitment firm and it shows. Talent comes to us to find new sales jobs.


We also run the first Women in Sales Africa community, giving you access to the best Sales Women you will find.

Sales Outsourcing

We have a community of sales agents. When you don't have the capacity to manage your own sales team you don't have to worry.


Our outsourcing service works in such a way that you get qualified leads and closed sales without needing to manage a sales team internally. We instead have a team manager who will manage the sales rep(s) assigned to your company.


Our sales managers work closely with the sales rep(s) to ensure they meet targets set and equip the agents with the material and skills required to make sales. Your sales are in the hands of a team of passionate sales managers and sales talent that wants to help your company thrive.

Some of Our Clients

Managing Director, Howard Aidevo

“The candidates we took in from Yusudi were highly instrumental in helping us implement processes that helped us test concepts in the market. This was during the infancy period of our business in July 2017 and Yusudi has continually supported us since then. One of the candidates has grown throughout the years and is now on track to management. This is a testament to the effectiveness of their system in nurturing Sales talent. Thank you Yusudi.”
Yusudi Supporting employers to build high performing sales teams.

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