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I am not getting Interview calls

I am not getting Interview calls. One of the common plight. But if you think through it, you might get some insights.

  • There are a lot of Job hunters out there. And your only break-through is your ‘Resume’.

  • Your resume doesn’t have the required skills (the keywords) which recruiters are looking for.

  • Your current Notice Period is a big bottleneck if its 3-Months :(

  • Many organizations hire via a consultancy. And you are not sending resume to ‘any’ consultancy – only to company emails.

  • Sometimes recruiters get too many profiles. Yes, your resume was overlooked!

  • You don’t have ‘something’ different on your resume. Like rewards, certifications, blogs, social presence, publications, anything.

  • You are too impatient expecting a call-interview-offer-job in some weeks’ time and getting frustrated.

You are not trying it ‘everyday’. Job Hunting in itself is a long-term Job ;-) Don’t be impatient. Keep your calm, think it through, learn & be a better version in every interview you face. Keep trying (without frustration) and one day everything will work out for the best.

Happy Job Hunting!!

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