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‘Do they want me?’

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

‘Do they want me?’

I despise that question, but it ran through my head every time I went on a job interview and every couple of months when I questioned whether I fit the company culture, wherever I worked.

Then one day I asked whether I wanted them. Would I choose them if I had a choice? If I didn’t just need a job? Did I really want that particular job at that particular company? The answer was “no”.

It took me back to high school- the first year of 9th grade I wondered whether I fit in or not. Then I asked myself, ‘Do I want to fit in?’ Did I want to be around certain people?

The answer was ‘no’.

I’d been waiting for people to say ‘yes’ when I finally realized I didn’t want or need their ‘yes.’ That is the power of choice... Asking yourself what you want rather than wondering if you are wanted in all the wrong places, among all the wrong people.

Trying to fit in is a sign that’s the wrong place for you. Feeling insecure is a sign those are the wrong people for you.

I remember choosing to turn down an offer in 2017. I went on to look somewhere else while doing freelance work. I have choices (and job satisfaction;-)

Yes. You have a choice. It starts with asking yourself, ‘What do I want?’

Author: Ben-Bella Kambarage|Digital Marketing|Yusudi 

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