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3 Things Successful Job Seekers NEVER Do

Looking for a job is brutal!  Lack of response, black holes & wild interviews can make the most solid professionals question their ability to  win a new job.  Working with graduate youths who are job-seekers for the past few years, seeing their results and challenges, We can say that these 3 things are a common thread for people that WIN in the job search.

1.  They don't take it personally.  No call back from the interview?  No one responds to their application for the job they are perfect for?  No sweat, there are always other opportunities.  Successful job seekers know it is not about THEM, but it's about the company and what they want.  They have the confidence to face rejection or lack of response and don't take it to heart.

2.  They don't put their eggs in one basket.  Often times you hear "I am holding out for the perfect job" or "I am waiting to hear back on one job".  Successful candidates don't have 1 or 2 or 10 perfect jobs.  They keep all irons in the fire, they take ALL interviews they get and keep their options open.

3.  They don't accept the first offer without negotiating first.  "Desperate" is not a good look.  Smart job seekers always negotiate a better deal on salary or perks because they are worth it!

Pay keen attention to the above 3 things in your job search and remember to stay positive. Keep going!

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