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Advice to Graduates Starting a New Job

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

You are excited and nervous on the first day of your working life. But for a lot of young people, this excitement will quickly die, replaced by frustration and in some cases, you give up. Quit.

In your first weeks of working, you are guaranteed to feel disillusioned, frustrated and tired. The dream job image you have built up in your head does not match reality. Certainly, you thought it would be a seamless transition from university to working. Where it’s just a matter of translating theory into practical. But instead, it’s like you don’t know anything at all! Then there is the hard work.

Working straight from 9 to 6 except for lunch break. Sometimes overtime, sometimes weekend. You feel like quitting. That is natural. But hang in there. Do not be a Quitter so fast.

Give your job and yourself a chance. If you still cannot adjust after a few months, then only consider changing jobs. But remember, working is not like studying in university. Different environment, different objectives.

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