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Does Your Attire Matter for a Job Interview?

Firstly, you need to research the business you’re applying for. The best way to find out is to look at their social media presence (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook etc). Companies will more than likely put up photos of their employees around the office, you can have a look at their attire to tell what sort of culture the business has. Is it a full 3-piece suit? Or is it a casual shirt with jeans? The vast majority of companies will enforce their own dress code policies, most vary from workplace to workplace.

When you’re picking an outfit for a job interview, the image you’re presenting still matters, even if you’re applying for a junior level job. Your image is what makes your first impression on the interviewer, so it’s always important to dress appropriately. Even if the business you’re applying for has little or no dress code, it’s always worth keeping your joggers and flip-flops at home! Still stuck on what to wear? Read here for advice on what to wear to an interview.

Overall, businesses have experienced unique changes over the last decade. Offices have shifted from a quiet and strict environment to an open and collaborative work-space. It’s unsurprising that work based attire has changed, It’s up to the management to understand what the company is about and what culture they want to present to their employees, then the work attire will form itself.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for work-based dress codes. 61% of employees are more productive at work when the dress code is relaxed according to Stormline. If businesses are recognizing that workers will be more productive at work, it won’t be a surprise to see the increase of informal dress codes!

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