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Help!! I am overqualified for my sales job in Kenya. What should I do?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

One thing that we can all agree on is that the Kenyan youth are highly educated. We have so many people with masters and degrees, but sadly not enough jobs in the market. The biggest issue is that we do not have enough entrepreneurs and lack mentorship with an over-reliance on existing companies. But that is a story for another day.

Due to the scarcity of jobs, many Kenyans have two options, take any job that comes their way or study even more and get more certifications. The latter seems to have been working for more people lately. With the need for companies to have dynamic and versatile individuals, companies opt to hire Kenyan youth with additional skills like corporate sales training from Yusudi. This way, the company can be sure that they can handle whatever they throw at the individual.

Talk to management

You have been in the company for a few months. Not long enough to ask for a salary increase or a different role in the company. After all, there are probably more people on the promotion waiting list, so why would management listen to you? However, you will never know until you ask.

But there is a way to talk to management. You have sales training from Yusudi after all. You have the experience of selling your products to people, only in this case you are the product. This should be a breeze for you. Sometimes actions are louder than words, so before having a seat down, it is advisable to do a few things to elevate your status in the company.

Ask for more responsibilities: You can start by asking for more responsibilities. This way, the company will see that you are aggressive and ready to do more for them. You can therefore be notified much easier.

Take the initiative: be proactive. If you see their problems, you can solve them with the resources you have at your disposal, do them, or ask if you can solve them. The best thing about the approach is that even if you fail, it is still a win for you as people in the company will have started noticing you. Kenyan companies love to see young Kenyans take the initiative.

Offer to help: this is something that will make you look like a “teacher's pet” in front of your peers. But it might actually benefit you in the long run. This is also a way to build your problem-solving skills in a more practical approach.

Look for another role in the organization

After doing all that we have mentioned above, you notice no signs of moving up. It might be wise to use the techniques above while simultaneously looking to move departments in the same company. If you shift departments, one of two things will happen. One, you will shift departments and get a pay rise. Two, you will shift departments and remain on the same salary, but with an easier route to get promoted. Either or both scenarios may come to fruition, depending on how you play your cards. Most companies hire internally, which can be your ace because you have already shown that you can take the initiative.

Make the most of the opportunity

Like we have mentioned earlier, Kenyan jobs are dwindling in number. More Local companies are looking to downsize. Therefore quitting may not be the best option. You may not get another opportunity soon. But the silver lining is that you can use the opportunity you have as a B2B salesperson in Kenya to transform your life completely.

Network: as a corporate salesperson in Kenya, you will probably meet many different companies. With your sales experience, connecting with them on a personal level should be easier for you. The sales position is the perfect place to do this. Show them you are competent. Don’t push and ask them if there is a job opening right away. Remember, in this instance, you are the product, I know it sounds cliche, but it is true. Market yourself the same way you would market the products you push. Create conversations, show them that you are good at what you do through action, and foster relationships.

Stay positive: Positivity radiates each time you talk to clients or your colleagues. If you are not happy, it will show. It may seem like an impossible task but take the positives from your job. This way, you will always radiate a positive aura around you.

Move on

If everything else doesn't work out, move on. But like I said earlier, this should not be done blindly. There are not enough jobs in Kenya, and it would be advisable to find another job first.

Use your qualification and the sales experience you get from the paid internship offered by Yusudi to craft a winning CV and create the perfect LinkedIn profile that sells you to other prospects.

Have an edge over other candidates by implementing the social selling tactics taught in the academy to get your next offer.

Therefore before you decide to quit your job, make sure you have a plan. Whatever decision you make, ensure that you take your time and internalize this.

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