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Hire Employees for Cultural Fit first, Technical Background second

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

If you assess cultural fit throughout your recruitment process, you will ensure you hire people who will become fantastic in their new roles, which will certainly help drive long-term growth and success for your organization.

When you hire employees for cultural fit, they fit within your existing team and understanding of your company values will ensure that they will save you time and money in having to replace them later. What this means is that when you hire on both job fit and cultural fit, you’ll find that your new recruits are:

  • Faster to start really becoming part of your team

  • Start contributing quicker than others

  • Are happier in their new role

  • Tend to stay longer with your business

  • Become brand ambassadors

  • Are likely to become ‘star performers'

When you make recruiting decisions purely on skills and don’t take into account the cultural fit of the candidate, you may find;

  • The candidate doesn’t fit in with your existing team

  • They will quickly become dissatisfied with their role

  • Will not adhere to the values and behaviors expected of them

  • May end up leaving through resignation or termination, faster.

7 Proven Steps to Hire for Cultural Fit

You should start by following these steps;

  1. Ensure you have a set of values and how they translate to the role

  2. Include a page within your website about your company values

  3. Reference these company values in any advertising for the role

  4. Discuss the values and how your culture is during the initial interview

  5. Ask questions that relate directly to these values

  6. Ensure you have a solid induction process that involves cultural induction

  7. Schedule a meeting within their first month in the role to discuss further

Your company culture is very important; it provides your team with direction, a shared understanding of the behavior expected, and is effective ‘the glue that binds the team’.

Employees who embrace your culture and values go on to become great brand ambassadors; they boost morale and teamwork and help positively affect future recruiting.

Always hire employees for cultural fit first, and technical knowledge second.

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