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My Success Story: Eddah Wanyonyi

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

"After completing my higher-level education, I had a hard time looking for a job that would help me discover my potential and perfect it. Registering my profile with Fuzu was an eye-opener for me as I was able to register all my skills which made filtering for qualified positions easy. When the Yusudi Sales Academy program appeared on my notification, I applied for it as it provided me a good opportunity to kickstart my career.

The Sales Academy has helped me improve my outlook on soft skills which is quite often underestimated by young people.

I was able to improve my professionalism in terms of dressing and language. The training equipped me with emotional intelligence which I now practice at work when handling conflict and when dealing with difficult clients.

As a Business Developer, you are required to be proactive, open-minded and be a quick thinker. Handling different tasks assigned by my trainers during the 6 weeks helped me develop to be a great business developer.

After training, I was placed in a paid internship at Your Apps Limited, an IT firm in Westlands. I was expected to practice the skills that I acquired during training as well as learn more to boost my career. I have been able to learn from my colleagues as well as develop meaningful relationships with clients.

I had the privilege of being absorbed by the company after my internship, which felt like a whole new journey. I am looking forward to new challenges, new lessons and new experiences with the company. Thank you Yusudi for seeing to it that I am a better professional who is able to inspire impact."

To apply for the Yusudi Sales Academy, please follow this link

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