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Read Your Prospects: 4 Key Questions To Reflect On Before Asking For A Close

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Getting to the mind of your prospects by observing the kind of questions they are asking and their body language will help you gauge how your selling process is going so far.

The following are four key questions to ask yourself to read your prospects before asking for a close:

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1. Are they in control?

Does the prospect exhibit behaviour that shows that he or she is in control? If the prospect is in control of the discussion or the meeting and asks relevant questions regarding the product or service, it means that they are the ultimate decision-maker.

However, if the prospect does not show decision-making ability and keeps shifting decision-making to another party, it means that they are not in control and therefore they may not be very helpful in closing the sale. In such a case, request the prospects to refer you to the ultimate decision-maker. Once you get to the ultimate decision-maker you can lay down your pitch and ask for the buy.

2. Are they raising too many objections?

When a prospect is raising too many objections either they have not fully understood what you are offering or they are not confident enough in what you are offering.

Whenever you see a prospect raising too many objections, consider reviewing your offering. Make sure you understand what the prospects really need. Once you understand the need of the prospects, tailor your responses and the solution you provide based on the need of the prospect. If you realize that you're trying to sell a product that the prospect does not need, it is okay to stop the engagement.

3. Are they distracted?

Is the prospect on the phone when talking to you? Are they responding to their emails in the midst of your sales page? If the prospect is distracted when you're making your page, it means that you do not have the full attention. Whenever you see the prospect distracted, reschedule the meeting. When you speak on the phone and there is noise in the background you can always request to call it another time. Having your prospect’s full attention is important in closing the sale to the prospect.

4. Are they asking about the success rate?

When a prospect asks about the success rate of your product or service, they are interested but are hesitant. This is an indication that you need to reassure the prospect again by addressing the problem the prospect has and demonstrating once again how your product/service helps the prospect. At this stage, it is best to use the Testimonial Close Strategy. Highlight a client who had a similar need to your prospect and show how your product/service helped the client. Testimonials are highly persuasive as they give a prospect an idea of what kind of results they might experience for themselves if they purchase your product/service.


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