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So you graduated, what next?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Navigating uncertainty after graduating from the University isn’t easy. Well, at least not for most of us. The Yusudi Sales Academy was designed to make that transition much easier.

It's not a stretch to say that we live in a strange time. With so many unknowns, it's understandable that we feel anxious, even helpless, when it comes to the future. We all feel it. But so often in life, the times when we most want to retreat are the times when we need to be most proactive. There's nothing to be gained by keeping our heads down and waiting. Now is the time to upskill ourselves to navigate the prolonged state of uncertainty we find ourselves in.

If you've been thinking about a portfolio career, career change or starting a business, now's the time to start figuring out what that looks like. That doesn't mean quitting your job tomorrow, or even in 6 months time. It just means you're taking the first steps to test your way forward and empower you in the future. It might feel like the riskier option, but the truth is that pushing through uncertainty is far more empowering than living with the underlying fear that comes from keeping your head down.

So why are we telling you this?

In early 2020, we are kicking off the Yusudi Sales Academy, which is proven to help people take meaningful action towards doing work that matters to them and the world. Not just to find more fulfilling work, but create it too.

The academy is filled with talented and ambitious professional graduates who are ready to redefine their careers or start their own businesses. The program has been designed to fit around full-time work, and run from Nairobi, Kenya. We've built it to help the youth to tackle the challenging and uncertain employment world we are facing.

In a world with an uncertain future, the best thing we've learned in more than 3 years of running this program is that by focusing on building new skills, getting yourself out there, and aligning your work with what matters to you and the problems we face in the world, you become much more resilient to change.

The Academy is an 8 month, a full-time learning-by-doing program to help you kickstart a 21st Century Career by combining content, action, and community.

So if you're ready to stop waiting for what's next, and ready to start building it. You are exactly who we're looking for.

The Yusudi Sales Academy >> Think of this academy as your fast-track to finding fulfilling work. We’ll help you figure out your next steps, prototype new careers in Business Development, learn new skills and start creating opportunities for yourself. Find out about the skills we'll help you build.

Applications are now open. APPLY NOW.

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