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Five Key Success Indicators For Salesperson

Personal branding means consciously finding that which makes you unique, and being very intentional in building and maintaining a positive perception and reputation about yourself. There are however traits that cut across the sales profession that every top sales individual ought to have.

The following are the five key marks of a successful career in sales:

  • Drive

Call it passion, call it optimism or call it focus. Drive is what pushes you forward. Every successful salesperson must have enough drive to push them through the best and the toughest of times. Sometimes a deal may fall through and you could be discouraged, or sometimes you may seal the biggest deal the world has ever seen and be tempted to celebrate too long. Regardless of the circumstance, you must always be motivated to move forward.

Your drive as a salesperson should go beyond making a commission. Buyers are very intelligent and can sell commission breathe on you. Put the buyers' interest first so as to ensure a good relationship with them.

  • Consistency

Consistency refers to hitting the mark repeatedly. If you have set targets for yourself such as calling 100 clients every week, whether it rains, snows, shines, or thunders, you will consistently call 100 clients every week. A successful salesperson has to train themselves to be consistent. Consistency is not something that comes to everybody naturally, therefore it is imperative that you train yourself in being consistent if you lack this trait.

  • Empathy

Empathy is putting yourself in the shoes of somebody else. It is said that it is only the wearer of the shoe that knows where it pinches. As a salesperson, you must learn to mentally and emotionally wear the shoes of your prospect, suspect, client or even advocate. When you put yourself in the position of somebody else, you're able to read the emotions better, and you are able to deliver on-point thus closing sales much more easily and meeting your targets.

  • Self-organized

Most salespeople have been renowned for being self-starters. Therefore, if you're planning to have a highly successful career in sales, you must be thoroughly organized. Self-organization means being very meticulous in all execution of all activities that you intend to partake in. A notebook or a digital planner comes in handy in planning your day and making consistent follow-ups with clients. Hold yourself to high levels of accountability.

  • Communication

To be a successful salesperson, you must be able to exchange information with other people whether it is through speaking, writing, or any other method that your company or organization has developed.

There are some communication skills that come naturally to some people and some skills that do not. It is up to you to identify what comes naturally to you and what doesn’t. Once you have identified the areas where you are struggling, you will need to take important actions to learn and grow. Today, you can do this through YouTube or even online communication programs. Continuously refine your communication skills to be able to communicate with impact and influence in your sales process.

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