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What does it really mean to be a Yusudi Sales graduate?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Over 1200 young professionals have gone through the Yusudi Sales Academy since 2016. But what does it really mean to be a Yusudi graduate? What differentiates you from a regular graduate? Some of our graduates have had the opportunity to experience their crucible moments through Yusudi. These experiences have morphed and shaped their lives - both on a personal and professional front and we will be sharing some of their stories here.

Our curriculum has been carefully refined over the years in a bid to strengthen the quality of the Yusudi graduate. After conducting extensive research, we realized that one of the most in-demand jobs in Nairobi is actually in sales or otherwise known as Business Development. Sales is in fact one of the safest careers to get into. No one wants to let go of the person securing the bottom-line. This is why we intentionally created a program that trains you in this highly marketable skill. Employers are constantly seeking out the best sales talent and having gone through the Yusudi Training Program, you set yourself apart from other job seekers and you will be better positioned to get selected based on your extra skills and competencies.

The skills you learn as a Business Developer are indispensable skills that you will take with you wherever your career goes. These skills are such as boldness, resilience, the ability to have impactful communication and the ability to build meaningful connections. You get to become a change maker and an outstanding leader amongst your peers.

In the words of a trainee who recently completed their the first part of the Sales Academy

“The training was an interactive experience, mind-opening, and life-changing to a great extent. An experience I wouldn't exchange for anything in this period of my life. My networks have evolved. My persona has been challenged. Yusudi came at a time when most of us (from my interactions with other trainees) were stuck, did not know what’s next, needed to pass the time, or needed something new. I found all that, and more. My skills have definitely been upgraded, but more than that, I love that I get to leave as a better person, especially more confident in myself.”

In the first part of the program, you will go through a virtual training over a period of 6 weeks. You will get to meet your trainers Valentine Wathiomo and Stanley Kaguora, who will interact with most as they take you through the intensive Business Development training. Here’s a sneak peek of the curriculum and what you will learn during the 8 weeks.

In the second part of the academy, you will then start your probation at a pre-selected company for a period of 6 months in which you will earn a monthly stipend. During this time, Yusudi continues to support you as you transition into your job through monthly coaching and check-in sessions and specially curated webinars to encourage you to keep learning and upskilling. After completing your probation, you get a chance to work full-time depending on your performance through-out the six months.

Here’s what a trainee who completed the second part of the program had to say “I put into practice all that I learned during the Yusudi Sales Academy and with that I moved from being an Intern to a Sales Coordinator to a Regional Sales Representative covering 6 counties in Kenya namely Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo Marakwet, West Pokot, Trans Nzoia, Nandi and Bungoma, all within a period of 10 months.” Check out the rest of his story here.

Finally, in the last part of the program, you will get to become a Yusudi alumni after successfully completing the entire program. You will receive a Yusudi certificate and have the opportunity to meet and interact with other Yusudi graduates and grow your network. Yusudi takes the journey with you every single step of the way.

Support, learning, upskilling and a wealth of opportunities. This is what it truly means to be a Yusudi graduate.

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Author: Ivy Njeri, Marketing Lead, Yusudi

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