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Millennials have been tagged a lot of names of which, some are true. We have been described as having a sense of entitlement, we are hyperactive on social media, engaging in unnecessary conversations, fighting online wars, and the lack of patience in life. As much as I may not want to agree with some of the sentiments hurled at us, I feel there are a lot of blunders we make during the job search.

  1. “I Don’t Accept Phone Calls From New Numbers”

Now this one is a serious case. Dude!!! How is the recruiter supposed to contact you to schedule an interview? Now you know why you might not be getting feedback after a thousand job applications. If you feel insecure, please install the truecaller app. It will show you who's calling. From there, you can choose to ignore or accept the phone call. It is also important to return phone calls from the same numbers in case you find missed call(s)📷

  1. Sending CVs Over WhatsApp To A Recruiter Or An Employer

Not all the internet platforms are appropriate for sending such crucial documents. Yes! we are the WhatsApp generation but on this one, it’s a NO NO!! Please, just stick to the email or hand deliver your CV or cover letter in person unless you’re advised otherwise. This also applies to your networking contacts who are keen in helping you get ahead in your job search by sharing your resume to prospective employers. You need to email them the documents. Never use WhatsApp.

  1. Using Apps that Filter Emails

Congratulations! You just filtered out an interview invite mail. Good job at staying unemployed. Using such apps is not a luxury you can afford to enjoy at this point in time.

  1. Using Bad Grammar Or Short Forms

Chris Kirubi, director at centum investment wrote an article on this, here is the excerpt:

“Watch out young people, your grammar will cost you and most likely be the barrier between your business proposal, resume or meeting request being acknowledged. I am seriously concerned about the grammar young people choose.”

dear chris,

how r u? am looking for an appointment to meet u coz i hv a great biz idea. I finishd skul bt hv no job. plz gimme 5min of ua tym. am lukin 4wrd to ua response. thx.

Well, there is nothing more to add here. It has been well put

  1. Waiting For Their Folks Or Rich Relatives To Fix Them Somewhere

“After graduating just look for me I’ll get you a job somewhere.” This statement is overused.  It is "killing" people in my generation. We, as the millennials hold on to this false hope for months, years. It makes us lazy and not able to fight for ourselves. This explains why most of us do not even know how to write a proper CV or cover letter.

The above common mistakes we make knowingly or unknowingly, to a large extent, hurt our chances of getting opportunities.

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