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Riding the waves at Yusudi: Chandrika Bhattacharya

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

If my experience at the Yusudi Sales Academy can be summed up in one word, then “exhilarating” is what it would be. This is what it feels like, just three weeks into the program. I’m truly grateful to Yusudi for granting me the opportunity to network with individuals who come from diverse walks of life, with soulful experiences to share.

I believe that I have truly grown through the program by interacting with individuals who share perspectives that differ to my own. This has helped me to learn from them and broaden my horizons. As the training continues, I can understand I’m cultivating skills that will add value, not only to my career, but also to my life. For such skills are truly timeless!

As we go through the rest of the program, I am confident that we will all have many more occasions to learn from each other and grow holistically, as individuals.

Being new to Kenya, doesn’t feel so anymore, now that I have so many souls to connect with!

Throughout the course of the Yusudi Sales Academy, the one thing that has stood out for me, is the practicality in approach. As Yusudi rightly encourages ‘learning by doing’, we as trainees, have only been learning by doing at Yusudi.

A holistic development through the training, is what we have been exposed to. We have had the opportunity to understand important concepts relevant in Management, Marketing, Sales & Business Development by applying the concepts and theory via Role Plays and Presentations.

An interesting facet of the program that goes beyond the essential is engaging us with companies in the city and undertaking projects for those companies. Currently, we are facilitating Sales Projects for several companies and the experience is exposing us to various facets of business. We are gaining knowledge, awareness and insights on various aspects of business functionality.

The pragmatic nature of the training program is certainly prepping us to take on a fruitful career as we graduate soon.

They say the only thing that is constant is change. With the Coronavirus pandemic making its way to Kenya a couple of weeks back, adaptation has been the only solution to the challenge in light of the situation. Indeed, Yusudi demonstrated its ability to adapt to this change as the training transitioned to a virtual platform and as a trainee, I can vouch for the fact that the transition has truly been seamless. Our interactions with the trainers and fellow trainees via the virtual learning platform is keeping our bonds alive.

Through these uncertain times, we have yet again learnt that the only way to keep moving forward is, by evolving, with the tools that remain at our disposal. Our association with Yusudi as Trainees has indeed bestowed us with skills that we will carry as we move on as individuals ready to take on this world!

We have not only had the opportunity to ride the waves at Yusudi, but at the same time, we have harnessed ways to enjoy the thrill from riding the rough and calm waves alike.


Written by: Chandrika Bhattacharya - Trainee, Yusudi

Edited by: Ivy Njeri - Marketing Lead, Yusudi

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