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"I believe Yusudi is an answered prayer" - Elijah Maingi

My name is Elijah Maingi, an alumnus of Kenyatta University having graduated with a Bachelor's

degree in Commerce; Marketing option.

In October 2021, I had finished my campus studies awaiting graduation and was deliberating on what the next step would be.

Some of my friends had applied for jobs before graduation and that prompted me to start seeking for a job as well. I didn't want to go back to living with my parents. The plan was to be an all-around marketer.

And so in the hustle and bustle of endless applications I came across this unique post. They were looking for people interested in sales. Having studied marketing, I saw it fit to understand the concepts of sales. Besides most of the entry-level job opportunities were for sales positions anyway.

Through research, I discovered it was a sales training plus job placement program. I thought it was an immediate job placement but once I understood their process of training first before placement I bought into the idea. The high employment rate of their trainees and their retention rate by partner companies was a huge plus.

Yusudi was quite professional from the get-go. It carried out interviews to qualify the right candidates for the program. It didn't discriminate on the candidates' educational or cultural backgrounds. Their payment plans were quite flexible which reduced the burden. Every transaction was done contractually which made me feel secure in our dealings.

I loved the training. It was structured with each session having an allocated time. The program had us working with actual companies and doing sales for them which made it practical. It encompassed all aspects of a salesperson's life and not just the business aspects. It was quite a journey with both highs and lows. But the comradery in the cohort helped me through.

I was fortunate to get a job through Yusudi immediately after the training. The journey has been awesome. I love the company I'm working for and the exemplary people who I work with most of whom are Yusudi alumni.

Whether as an employee or as an entrepreneur, I would recommend Yusudi to anyone interested in changing their life and becoming a competent business development expert.

I would recommend Yusudi in my sleep.

I believe Yusudi is an answered prayer.

Author: Elijah Maingi, Relationship Manager, AMG Realtors


Access career training, placement and coaching to start and grow your career in sales.

January 2023 applications are now open.

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