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Experiencing Career Growth Through Sales

Like many young graduates in Kenya today, Brevin struggled in finding employment.

When it comes to unemployment, the youth are the hardest hit. In 2020, Business Daily reported that 5,341,182 or 39% of Kenyan youth are unemployed.

From speaking to Brevin, you learn the importance of taking career pivots. He declined a job offer to join Yusudi because he wanted to expose himself to more opportunities.

Sometimes it is necessary to take one step backward to take two steps forward.

Learning how to be adaptable and having an open mindset is a trait one needs to have as one pursues their goals.

Kindly introduce yourself.

My name is Brevin Sotonik. A graduate of the University of Nairobi with a degree in Real Estate.

Growing up, I wanted to pursue a career in medicine because that was what I was passionate about. But I missed the cut-off points by a mark so I ended up studying real estate.

What led you to join the Yusudi Sales Academy? What did you wish to accomplish?

After campus, one thinks about how one can get into the job market.

I had been applying for jobs in real estate but I didn’t receive a response from the applications I made.

During my search, I came across an advertisement by Yusudi. Their training and placement model intrigued me, which prompted me to apply. I thought that I would not be selected but I was surprised when I was shortlisted.

At first, I can honestly say that I was a bit hesitant about pursuing sales. After doing my research, I discovered how sales can be a lucrative career depending on your skill set so decided to explore it.

My main goal in joining the Yusudi Sales Academy was to get a job and get the necessary experience and skills that I was lacking.

I got placed at Glovo for my 6 months paid internship and now I have been retained.

What growth opportunities have you experienced this year?

My main growth opportunity is being able to start my career.

Many people struggle to find a job or identify what career paths they wish to explore but through Yusudi and placement at Glovo, I have been able to gain practical experience in B2B sales.

Also, I have built a good network of staff from Glovo, Yusudi and colleagues from the training itself.

How was your experience with your placement company Glovo?

My experience at Glovo has been great. It has given me a career milestone that I can use to leverage to grow my career.

In addition, I have been able to achieve a certain level of financial independence through competitive compensation which is something I didn’t have before.

Did you have any fears about sales in the beginning?

The major fear that I had was if I could sell. Yes, I was trained but as they say ‘kwa ground vitu ni different.’

In my first month of selling, I was able to achieve my sales target. This gave me confidence in my sales skills and reinforced all the skills I had learned in training.

What are your top learning from 2022, especially around sales as a career?

I have come to the realization, sales can be a lucrative career when you achieve your targets.

Since sales is a numbers game. You really need to ensure that the ‘math is mathing.’ The most successful sales professionals are those who are able to plan their day and execute sales activities that contribute towards quota achievement.

How likely are you to recommend Yusudi to your friends/network?

On a scale of 1-10, I would say a 10. I believe that the program works. It has worked for me and for other colleagues who were in training with me.

I believe that the skills, confidence and network you build provides you with a huge competitive leverage that is unmatched. For example, I met Vincent through the Sales Academy and we are aiming to start a business together.

What one word would you use to describe Yusudi?

I would describe Yusudi as an enabler.

Yusudi enables graduates to access opportunities that they can use to start their careers.

Yusudi enables graduates to refine their skills through training which improves their performance.

Yusudi enables companies to access ready-to-hire graduates.

I love the business model as it directly addresses the unemployment crisis among the youth and the lack of qualified hires for companies.


Learn to be a successful salesperson in a short amount of time!

Sales is the cornerstone of every business. The Yusudi Sales Academy will help you grow into a successful sales professional by teaching you sales skills, providing coaching and internships, and inspiring you to succeed.

Now is the time to invest in your professional growth! With Yusudi Sales Academy, you'll learn professional sales skills and get guidance from experienced professionals.

Apply today and reach your potential.

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