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Even if you don’t start out strong. You can always finish strong: Daisy Ann Sales Journey.

We sat down with Daisy Ann to understand how she decided to focus on building her sales skills as part of her passion and interest in understanding business. Daisy joined the Yusudi Sales Academy in June 2021. She has completed her 6 months of paid internship as Business Development Executive at Globoedge Solutions and has been retained by Globoedge Solutions.

With a background in Agribusiness Management and Trade, Daisy has gained the skills and experience she was striving for in her quest to be a competitive professional in the job market.

Like most people, her first experience in sales was challenging. But with hope, hard work and support from Yusudi and her work colleagues, she has been able to grow into a results-driven sales professional.

Her story is proof that even if you don’t start out strong. You can always finish strong.

1. Tell me more about your role and job at Globoedge Solutions.

I work at Globoedge whereby we sell Apple products to both B2B and B2C clients. My role entails handling clients through calls, emails and sending proposals to them.

My typical week involves creating sales reports, learning about Apple products through a learning platform they provide, and selling the products to B2B and B2C clients.

2. With a background in Agribusiness Management and Trade, how did you need up transitioning into sales before joining Yusudi?

Business is very broad. You have aspects such as sales, marketing, accounting e.t.c within the business. So I thought that by specifying which aspect of the business I wanted to learn more about would make it easier to find a job.

I then realized that sales is the backbone of every business; and without sales, no business will grow therefore I chose to major in sales.

3. What inspired you to join Yusudi after transitioning out of your previous role?

In college, we are often not taught specific fundamental selling skills. When someone referred Yusudi to me I realized that Yusudi was a place where I could get the specific skills I needed for a sales career.

4. What was the frustration you experienced within the job market when you graduated and started looking for a job?

Experience. Even for entry-level jobs, the job ads posted require you to have experience so your educational qualification is not enough.

But, now through the Yusudi Sales Academy, I can say I have about 1 year of experience which I have built through a sales career. This has put me in a better competitive place in the job market.

5. How have you transformed since you began your journey with the Yusudi Sales Academy?

Before Yusudi, I thought sales is about closing a deal. Through the academy, I got to understand that sales is more than selling. I was able to gain fundamental skills that go before closing the deal with the customer.

Also, I have become more confident in my skills. Before the Yusudi, I wasn’t confident in what I was doing but now I am sure about my ability as a salesperson.

6. What life lesson has sales taught you that you find relevant in your personal life?

I have learned how to be more patient. I usually don’t like to be kept waiting. But, in sales, you need to be patient in educating your customers until they understand things.

Knowing how to manage emotions is also something else that I have learned. Sometimes you find clients who might be rude so it is up to you to practice emotional intelligence in such a situation.

7. In your opinion, what is the most essential personality trait/skill someone would need to work in your industry/be successful in your job?

I would say being customer-oriented is essential for any salesperson.

Sales is about understanding the need of the customer first before trying to close the deal. Offer them advice that helps in solving your customers' needs and through that, you will get a repeat loyal client who trusts you.

8. What does it mean to you and/or your family to complete the Yusudi Sales Academy?

My parents are proud as they can see I am continuing to build up my work experience.

I have gained the skills and experience in sales that will create more opportunities and offers for my career as I look to venture back into agribusiness

9. What successes are you proud of throughout your experience with Yusudi Sales Academy?

Because sales involve meeting revenue targets, I have to say my biggest success is when I was able to meet those targets. In my first month, when I was new to the sales career I was able to generate revenue of about KSh. 350,000. This gave me the motivation to keep on going forward and from then I have generated revenue of about Ksh 3 million in about 4 months.

10. Parting shot for people who are struggling to kickstart their careers?

I would tell people to be open-minded. Take the opportunities that are currently available to you and do your best in them. This will help you open the doors to the kind of opportunities you want.


Reinvent your career with the Yusudi Sales Academy.

Learn directly from experienced sales trainers to fast-track your sales career with Yusudi. Our career coaching, inbuilt sales projects and paid placement program will open up new career paths for you in the sales industry, no matter your background.

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Gungfu G. Superme
Gungfu G. Superme
Aug 29, 2022

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Maria Nyaga
Maria Nyaga
Jun 29, 2022

I love her career journey and the growth she has shown over the months. Well done😉

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