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"Another Feather In My Cap - This was my Yusudi Experience"

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

"I came across Yusudi on a job site when I had just resumed my search for jobs after a voluntary brief hiatus I took after completing my first internship. With a Bachelor's Degree with Honors in Business Management and additionally being professionally certified in Public Relations, it was quite a daunting task to find jobs that matched my diverse educational background and finding employers who would take on entry-level talent.

What caught my attention about Yusudi is that it was offering a training program in Business Development for anyone in the youth demographics, regardless of their educational background. The concept of getting a well-earned placement in a partner company after a training period seemed interesting and I felt that it would be a good boost for my experience.

The training gave me the opportunity to understand and enhance my professional skills and experience a new kind of work environment. The tasks and learning outcomes were diverse and ever-changing; from sales and marketing to data analysis and entrepreneurship. It has been an intense 6-weeks but the numerous challenging assignments made the days move faster because I was always planning for the day ahead of me with the aim of meeting deadlines.

One of the most beneficial things I have learnt from this training program is that - I am not alone. When I joined the training, I wasn't sure where it would take me. But, it has given me a better understanding of the skill set I already possess and taught me that many of my colleagues are in the same position as I am. It has given me a chance to make new connections with like-minded people, with whom I know these connections are going to last a lifetime. I've also understood how to remain open to possibilities.

Having a background in two quite similar yet different fields, Business Management and Public Relations, I would sometimes mull over which one I wish to pursue in the long-run. Now, after gaining a footing in Business Development - an area that cuts across all departments - it is easier for me to see that my diverse qualifications are an asset to my future path. Every field and department is interconnected, and I can easily use all the 3 areas hand-in-hand to progress in any career.

I feel that I am now closer to becoming a purple squirrel.

The program indeed makes one grow, become more confident and become open-minded. It is self-rewarding. It pushes people to ask questions, to listen and to take initiative. It is a good opportunity to take up, even though it may not necessarily focus on the industry that you wish to work in. I feel there is much to gain from it on both a professional and personal level." Divya Kota

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