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How Yusudi Helped me Get an Internship Abroad

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

In August 2017, I joined the Yusudi Sales Academy . Prior to this, I had been to more crowded information sessions and making many applications than I could count. In other words, I was nowhere close to my goal of landing an internship with any dream organization in the world let alone in Kenya. I owe my career advancement to the Yusudi Sales Academy.

I decided to join the Yusudi Sales Academy with one sole purpose, to get the skills I needed to be more competitive in the job market. At no point did I ever imagine it would help me land an internship abroad.

My main motivation for joining the academy was to gain the practical career skills I lacked and get my foot inside the work environment, and before I knew it, I was embracing a new transformation in a brand new world; the professional world.

By offering me these indispensable skills, Yusudi gave me the opportunity to enhance my professional competencies in my industry, international development/social enterprise, and to experience a new work environment–I would have been insane to miss this kind of opportunity. It was one of the best experiences to date! The training exceeded my expectations by a mile!

The Yusudi Sales Academy was very enriching and enabled me to gain a thorough understanding of how to package myself for work. I learned so much about how to ace an interview, how to pitch myself, resume building, sales techniques, marketing, business structure, and networking skills. And Yes! I landed an internship abroad one week after completing my training. The hands-on practical aspect of the training made it seamlessly easy to argue my case at the interview table. This could be you. You just need to upskill.

One important thing I remember from the training is that I was able to get a professional mentor who walked with me every step of the way. Mentorship is very crucial for any young professional especially as they’re starting out their journey. Yusudi gave me all these and more.

Choosing to invest my time and resources in the program was a smart move. It gave me the opportunity to experience a different culture. Working and living abroad made me grow exponentially. I became more confident, open-minded and more self-aware. It pushes you as a person to ask questions, to listen, to be patient, take initiative, understand others, etc. I like to think that cross-cultural experiences should be mandatory nowadays; it may solve some of the world's issues.

Apply for the Yusudi Sales Academy here.

You can also reach out to us directly on or call us on +254781882374


Editor: Ivy Njeri, Marketing Lead, Yusudi

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