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Intern of The Month: Tanya Kemuma

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Name: Tanya Kemuma

Award: Intern of the Month

Cohort: LS 19

Specialty Internship area: Business Development Intern at Ajira Connect

Undergraduate Institution: JKUAT

I am extremely delighted and humbled to be selected for this award. This is a great indication of other more amazing opportunities that are yet to come my way. It’s just but the beginning.  I appreciate the fact that my hard work and determination is clearly visible and it can only get better.

Yusudi gave me an opportunity to work as an intern at Ajira Connect Limited. The experience has been amazing. My family was very supportive during my training period at Yusudi. Special thanks to my mum especially. Working at Ajira has enabled me to meet and interact with people that really care about my professional growth. The director, Mr. Ally Muhamud and my supervisor, Miss Jackline Muchai have mentored and coached me all through my internship to better deliver in my roles. Last but not least, I have received overwhelming support from my colleagues who are always ready to help me out.

Though I have been an intern for just 4 months, I am so proud of what I have been able to achieve so far. During my internship period I have successfully signed over 200 professionals in our “Ajira connect Pro” application. To top it all up, the app has been trending as the most downloaded app despite the fact that it is fairly new in the market. This is a major milestone for us at Ajira Connect and I am proud to be part of the journey. I have had a fair share of success at Ajira but this one stood out for me.

I foresee Ajira as being one of the best platforms for connecting professionals to customers. To ensure this happens, I strive to sign up more people to use the platform. My vision is for Ajira to also venture in other towns other than Nairobi. This will open doors of opportunities for more youths. This is possible. Yusudi and Ajira prepared me for the task ahead and I am glad I invested in the Yusudi Program.

Of more importance is that Yusudi continued coaching me throughout my internship. I take this opportunity to thank my coach indeed for the continued motivation. Firstly, we have managed to come up with strategies on how to improve my performance; it's been one of the greatest opportunities big thumbs up!  It's been so engaging having a coach who is super interactive. The coaching sessions have been a great factor.

The coaching has helped me be in check and know the areas I need to improve on. Thanks to Yusudi for incorporating this strategy. Coaching is very important in one’s career journey!

What her employer had to say:

Tanya’s customer relations skills are exemplary.  She is self-driven and always goes above and beyond to achieve the targets we set for her. I appreciate the fact that she comes from far but still manages to deliver in her role with a lot of determination as she clearly knows what is expected of her. Her outgoing nature has enabled her to thrive at work, she relates well with her colleagues and the same is seen when dealing with clients. We are currently in the process of offering her a full-time position in the company.

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