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My Success Story: Linus Korir

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

"The society sold us the story that when you graduate finding a job will be easy. We grow up believing in that story until we graduate and realize how tough the job market is. After graduating from university, I embarked on my job search journey. I applied for available vacancies, but the outcome would be the same. I would either never hear from the company after the application or I would be shortlisted but not pass the interview. 

But my story changed when Fuzu advertised for Yusudi Sales Academy (previously known as Skills2Grow) It was a great opportunity for me to really understand the needs of the job market.

I applied and was accepted into the Yusudi Sales Academy. Through the training, my mindset towards temporary failure changed. A lot of positive changes have happened to me. It is only now that I realize how poor my skills were before the training, and that explains why I never got callbacks after interviews. 

The Yusudi Sales Academy training on networking sessions, cold calling and presentations helped me a lot in building my confidence, improving my communication skills and learning how to serve more efficiently and effectively.

After the training, I was placed by Yusudi in a company called Eezy Track for a paid internship. This has helped me to gain experience in a real workplace and a chance to meet with different people who have brought a positive impact on my career. I have greatly improved in my computer skills, report generation, communication and confidence level.

Through my internship experience, I have been able to test my abilities in communication, report writing, time management, and customer service. I believe that the Skills2Grow Program has helped me to learn how to be a productive person."

To apply for the Yusudi Sales Academy, follow this link

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