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The top 4 transferable skills in sales.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

In a previous blog, we discussed the three main reasons why you should consider sales as a career. One of the main reasons is that sales offers you a strong foundation on which you can grow your career.

Successful salespeople take a proactive approach in acquiring the necessary skills that will make them stand out in the job market.

These foundational skills can often be transferred and utilized in other careers hence the name transferable skills.

Below are the top 4 transferable skills in sales:

1. Communication skills

Clearly communicating your values and ideas is critical in career establishment and development.

In sales, you need to be able to communicate your unique value proposition. Engage and use verbal communication, non-verbal communication and active listening with prospects.

Verbal communication will focus on what you say, how you say it and how you engage with customers.

Non-verbal communication will focus on reading the body language cues of the customer. This will enable you to understand how they are interpreting the message.

Active listening will help you understand the prospect by identifying their pain point. Once you do this, you can clarify their objections and address them.

It is only when you actively listen can you know how to communicate.

2. Relationship building skills

Sales is a long-term game. Successful salespeople don’t sell to earn commission and meet their targets. Successful salespeople develop a relationship with their prospects by acting in their best interest.

When a prospect is able to trust your intentions, you are able to build a long-lasting relationship. These relationships can result in repeat orders or in other opportunities for career growth like promotions.

3. Negotiation skills

“Everything in life is a negotiation”

Have you seen this MasterClass Ad when on Youtube? If not you can watch it here.

The basic concept of the video is that you are constantly negotiating whether you know it or not.

In sales, negotiation is part of the sales process. You need to negotiate with your prospects so as to find a solution that is beneficial to both you and the prospect.

Learning how to negotiate will impact how much you earn in salaries and commissions.

You can use negotiation skills to negotiate for your role for example when it comes to requesting for extra resources and support that can make you better in your job.

4. Problem-solving skills

As a salesperson, each prospect you interact with is different. They may have the same general pain point but they need to have their problem solved in a way that is specific to them and how they run their business especially when it comes to budgeting.

It is therefore important for you to be a creative problem solver so that you can help solve the prospects' problems.

These 4 skills are practiced and used across all industries. The advantage of practicing these skills in a sales career first is that you get an in-depth understanding of them.

Gain transferable skills. Leverage career opportunities.

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Written by: Esther Njekehu

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