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A guide to working from home for you and your sales team.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Here we are yet again, with the second round of COVID lockdown. You might be feeling anxious and have a lot of questions about what next. Well, the same is happening with your sales team. So it might prove important to check on them once in a while and also see if they are still comfortable working from home. Here are five guidelines that can help be at ease when working at home.

1. Have a dedicated workspace

We might be tempted to say, as long as I get work done, with working from home. It happens to the best of us. But having a dedicated workspace can help improve your concentration and efficiency at home. Have a room set aside where all you can block out interruptions from family, friends and pets walking in on your meeting.

Certainly, not everyone will be able to have a whole room allocated to work, but we can set out space where you know that once you sit there, you know it’s time to get stuff done. At times it might get tempting to work from the comfort of your duvet, but by setting up your workspace and working in the same location every day, you’ll train your brain to enter work mode whenever you are there.

2. Set a schedule

A set schedule is often the difference between failure and goal-busting productivity as a remote salesperson. It’s very tempting to wake up and work until you can’t anymore, but this is a highly inefficient way to operate.

Try setting a manageable schedule and stick to it. Decide when you’re going to start, when you’ll take breaks and when you’ll sign off for the day before your day begins. You can even share it with your supervisor so that you can hold yourself accountable.

3. Make comfort a priority

Modern workspaces have looked at the employee’s comfort and have shown that they are more productive when they are comfortable. If your company was willing to invest in your comfort in the office, you should do the same. Here are a few tips on what you can do:

  • Ergonomic furniture.

Simply put, get yourself comfortable. When I mentioned comfort, the sofa might have popped up in your mind, but I’m talking about an office chair and desk designed for comfort and efficiency.

  • Natural light

Natural light is underrated. Those who get enough of it sleep better and are up to 40% more productive.

  • Comfortable headphones

Now that everyone is back at home with you, you might need to invest in some good earphones that can block out distractions while blasting sweet music jams when you are not on calls.

  • A music playlist

Speaking of sweet jams, make a playlist for yourself to work. Studies show that the right kind of music, be it classical or ambient music that doesn’t have distracting lyrics, can improve concentration.

4. Get your tech in order

Tech might not have been a priority before, it has become necessary, but with this new normal of remote working, it has become necessary. As a salesperson, you should find the best phone plan. Most service providers have given cheaper bundle options. Also, work to get internet connections. Find the best communication tools for holding meetings and tracking sales. Research on the right software that can help you keep track of things and also communicate.

5. Prioritize communications

As a salesperson working from home, you need to understand that you aren’t working in a cubicle where anyone can come to you for information or enquiries anymore. Get a dedicated line where people can reach you on call or Whatsapp. We have seen most companies move to slack, where they can effectively communicate with others.

You should even pick up the phone to call your teammates and most valuable buyers once in a while.

With all this said and done, how do we sell from home? Here are four tactics to adopt for better virtual sales.

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