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"Why I chose a career in Sales"

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Sales is one of the most underrated careers in Kenya. Not everyone grows up knowing that they want to go into sales, in fact, most people don't. We spoke to Arnold, who recently completed his training in Sales at Yusudi to get to understand why he chose Sales as a career.

“My name is Arnold Mwalimu Musau and I just completed my Sales Training at Yusudi, cohort 21. Yusudi stood out to me because they are actively using their platform to tackle the major challenge of unemployment that affects youth across Kenya. Being a recent graduate myself, I was drawn in by their practical approach to developing skills and improving employability as well as their understanding and commitment to empowering young people like myself.

After completing the training, I can confidently say that my outlook on Sales as a career has definitely changed. Prior to the training, I never thought of myself as a convincing salesperson, often feeling that I had to be pushy or manipulative in order to close a sale. The training adequately reintroduced me to the concept of Sales and highlighted the key qualities of a successful sales professional.

The training overall has enabled me to grow my knowledge and expand my skill set, which now allows me to undertake a greater variety of work as well as an improved ability to realize specific goals. The training also enabled me to identify, develop and further improve on my personal brand as a qualified and competent business professional.

I would tell somebody who’s thinking about applying for the Sales Academy that they have nothing to lose, but everything to gain from joining this program. If investing in your personal career growth is important to you, then you will find the skills and knowledge offering through Yusudi Sales Academy absolutely beneficial.”

Yusudi gives you an opportunity to launch your career in Sales in a highly effective way. We provide on-the-job training so that you don’t start out clueless and frustrated. While in training, you will get to do a Sales Insourcing project whereby you will get to interact with real prospects and clients, while being closely guided by your Sales Insourcing Managers.

In addition, you will earn a commission for every successful sale you make while in training. After the training, you have the opportunity to get placed at a partner company in a Sales role, or work with Yusudi in the Sales team for our outsourcing clients. Apply now to launch your career in Sales, just like Arnold. Check out more stories from Yusudi graduates here.

Written by Ivy Njeri

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